Duct & Trunking

Light to heavy ducts that can carry multiple cables from Switch boards to source of requirement.  Can be made with either quick fitting lids or screwed on lids.  Sizes range from 50 x 50 mm to 900 x 900 mm in 2.4-3.0m lengths.  Materials used are Hot dipped galvanized steel, Aluminium, Stainless steel, Epoxy painted steel or FRP fiberglass.

Product : Straight Unit Straight Unit

Product : Elbow Bend Elbow Bend

Product : Gusset Bend Gusset Bend

Product : 45 Bend 45 Bend

Product : Elbow Tee Elbow Tee

Product : Gusset Tee Gusset Tee

Product : Cross Over Cross Over

Product : 90 Riser 90 Riser

Product : Reducer Reducer

Product : Stop End Stop End

Product : Horizontal Offset Horizontal Offset

Product : Vertical Offset Vertical Offset