Are very strong forms of supports in many sizes made from Hot dipped galvanized steel, Aluminium, Stainless steel or Epoxy painted steel. There is a multitude of fittings associated with Strut to enable pipes and other items to be supported and retained.  These products are also used on all major industrial sites.

Product : P1000T P1000T

Product : P1000 P1000

Product : P2000T P2000T

Product : P2000 P2000

Product : P3300T P3300T

Product : P3300 P3300

Product : P4000T P4000T

Product : P4000 P4000

Product : P5500T P5500T

Product : P5500 P5500

Product : P1001 P1001

Product : P2001 P2001

Product : P3301 P3301

Product : P4001 P4001

Product : P5501 P5501