Manufacturing Facility


Our Thailand based manufacturing facility has Modern hi-tech machinery to produce Unistrut’s wide range of products.  All employees are fully trained professionals including Engineers, Machine Operators, Planners and Accountants.




The backbone of ACS business is our SAP system.  This high investment ERP system yields capabilities in sales, procurement, planning, manufacturing, distribution, inventory and all transactional activities in management and financial reporting.

ACS is absolutely confident that our products have been manufactured to the highest possible standards at this facility.



Manufacturing facility:

Main factory: 11 rai of land (17,600 square metres)
Building: 4000 square metres
Office: 2 story
Machinery: 1 Grinding Machine
1 Table Grind
1 Lathe Machine
3 Drill Machine
1 Milling turn LH
6 Electric Weld
1 Crane
1 Multi Shear
6 Hydraulic Press
1 Tray Press
13 Pulley Press
1 Punch
1 Pull Max
2 Spot Welders
2 Pipe benders
15 MIG Welders
6 Roll Formers
1 Air-Compressor
1 Strapping
1 Sand Belt
1 Hoist Crane
4 Fiber Grinding
2 Ridgid Pipe ASADA
2 Bench Drill
1 Elumater
3 Saw Machine
4 Plasma Cutters
1 Roll Machine
3 TIG Welders
1 Shear Cutter